Canon EOS 70D Owners Manual

The Canon EOS 70D DLSR is an award winning digital camera with a Live View touchscreen allowing you to operate it in much the same way as your tablet or smartphone.

It offers various exposure modes for capturing all types of images including the option for High Dynamic Range (HDR).

The built-in WiFi feature means you can send your photos directly to your networked/wireless printer or control your camera from a tablet or smartphone remotely if you need too.

The Canon 70D also has a superfast, accurate autofocus function with a Dual Pixel CMOS, which will perform effortlessly in many different lighting scenarios.

Canon EOS 70D Instruction Manuals

You can download the official Canon EOS 70D owners manual and quick start guide in PDF format from the links below completely free of charge.

(W), (N) Basic Instruction Manual

(W), (N) Instruction Manual

(W) Wi-Fi Function Basic Instruction Manual

(W) Wi-Fi Function Instruction Manual

(W), (N) Quick Reference Guide

Canon EOS 70D Video Guide

Canon EOS 70D Dummies Guide

If you want to get professional looking results from your 70D, then you need to get more tips & tutorials than the manual can offer you.

The Canon EOS 70D For Dummies guide makes it simple and easy to get the awesome photos you deserve with your DSLR camera.

Throughout the full-color guide you’ll learn no-fail methods for using the live view, auto-mode, on-board controls and other handy functions your digital camera has to offer such as the exposure control and HD video recording.

You can also find out how to easily transfer your images to your computer for saving or editing and how to connect quickly to your WiFi printer for producing the best prints.

Here’s what William Billings, a customer from, had to say about the book:

I’ve been taking photographs for 45 years, but have always thought I could learn more about the craft, so I’ve amassed quite a library on the subject of photography. Julie Adair King’s ‘Canon EOS 70D for Dummies’ is the latest addition as a guide to getting the most out of my newest DSLR. A good portion of the book addresses basic photography concepts, but the author does a fine job of relating each of these concepts to the 70D.

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